Friday, March 30, 2012


Noel Young
JEFFERSON CITY, MO- The MissouriPolitical Bug has announced that Noel Young has been selected as an intern for the new political analysis service.  Owner Rod Jetton said, "Noel made picking an intern an easy process.  Her interest and academic achievements really made her stand out from the crowd.  I am looking forward to having her assist us in researching the new legislative districts."

Noel is a junior attending Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri.  She is a political science major and enjoys reading, swimming and studying politics.  After graduation her goal is to pursue a law degree followed by working as either an attorney or an analyst for a government agency.  Noel commented, “Interning at MPB is a wonderful opportunity to learn about campaigns and elections.  I’m thankful for the opportunity and look forward to researching all the details of the candidates and the new districts.”

The MPB internship includes a small paid stipend and Noel will receive three hours of college credit.  Currently there is only one internship available but the Bug is looking to add more intern position this summer and next fall.  Jetton concluded, "I felt this would be a great way for a student to gain firsthand knowledge of how campaigns are won.  This is a great opportunity for political science or journalism students to learn about the political process.  I wish something like this would have been available when I was in school."    

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Top Lines After Candidate Filing Has Closed

At 5 pm on Tuesday, March 27th, candidate filing officially closed in Missouri.

For the State Senate, 44 candidates filed:  18 Democrats, 25 Republicans, and 1 Libertarian.   Democrats have 4 primaries, including a three-way between Senator Robin Wright-Jones, Jamilah Nasheed, and Jeanette Mott Oxford.  Republicans have 7 primaries, including a primary between Senator David Pearce and current State Representative Mike McGhee.

In the State House 371 candidates filed:  157 Democrats, 206 Republicans, 6 Libertarians, and 2 Constitutionalists.  Democrats have 35 primaries, 11 of those include incumbents. Redistricting has pitted a number of sitting Democratic state Representatives between one another in primary battles, these races are:  between Rep. Eileen McGeoghegan and Rep. Mary Nichols, this primary also includes newcomer Paul Berry; between Rep. Sharon Pace and Rep. CM Spreng; between Representatives Sylvester Taylor and Rochelle Gray; and between Rep. Susan Carlson and Rep. Stacey Newman.  Several former Democratic representatives, voted out in 2010, are running this year including Mike Frame, Rebecca McClanahan, Vicki Englundd Jeff Roorda.  and Charlie Norr.

Republicans vying for State House seats face 46 primaries, 17 of which include incumbents.  A notable race in the Republican Primaries includes a race between current Representative Sandy Crawford and former Representative Randy Angst.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Katie Dixon Joins Missouri Political Bug As Editor

Katie Dixon Joins Missouri Political Bug As Editor

JEFFERSON CITY, MO- The Missouri Political Bug has announced that Katie Dixon will be the first editor of the new campaign analysis service.  Founder Rod Jetton said, "We are very excited to have someone with Katie's background editing and writing our reports.  Her background in campaigns along with her writing ability made her a perfect choice for this position." 

Katie understands politics because she comes from a working class background where both her mother and father were involved in organizations to promote a better work environment.  Her father put himself through college and graduate school in Detroit by working on the line at Ford Motor Company.  After college, he worked as a social worker and was a member of AFSCME (American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees).  He recently retired from Missouri State University.  Katie’s mother was the first person in her family to graduate college.  She worked as an elementary teacher for 16 years before retiring and is a member of the Missouri State TeachersAssociation.  Katie added, "My parents have always been involved in trying to make things better, and their example is one of the reason I wanted to get involved in campaigns." 

Katie’s blue collar work ethic led her into politics in 2008.  She worked as a Field Organizer for then Attorney General Jay Nixon’s first gubernatorial run, and helped him win Greene County by nearly 12 points.  She then worked for AFSCME Council 72, organizing Home Healthcare workers throughout the state of Missouri.  In May of 2009, Katie was called back to the political scene, this time in the off year Virginia legislative and statewide races.  She ran field operations for the Democratic Party in rural Southwest Virginia.  Despite her hard work and organizing abilities, the political winds blowing against the Democrats in 2009 resulted in significant losses for the Democratic Party.  Katie came back to Missouri taking with her the words of her boss, Kevin O’Holleran, “In this business, you learn a lot when you lose.”  Back in Missouri, Katie worked briefly doing field work for Repower America and for the Fair Electricity Rate Action Fund.  In February 2010 she became the Regional Legislative Director in Northeast Missouri for the Missouri DemocraticParty.  There, Katie helped various State House candidates run their campaigns.  She advised them on fundraising and field strategies as well as communications and messaging, and helped run their social networking sites.

 Her experience working with different candidates in different states in races where the political winds were both at her back and in her face have given Katie a keen understanding of how important the right candidate in the right district, running the right kind of campaign is.  Additionally, her work organizing association members and working on issue campaigns has taught her how issues and groups can impact a race.  Former Executive Director of the Missouri Democratic Party, Brian Zuzenak, had this to say about Katie’s abilities, "Katie Dixon's insight was a great asset to the Missouri Democratic Party in 2010.  She knows what comprises a winning campaign, as well as a winning candidate."  The Missouri Political Bug is excited to have her background and perspective on the races that they will be analyzing in the 2012 elections.    

Katie has a BA in Creative Writing and a minor in Religious Studies from Missouri State University.  She is also working towards an Associate’s Degree in Business and Marketing from Ozarks Technical Community College.

Jetton concluded, "When I started the MPB I wanted someone who could write clearly, but also knows how successful campaigns are organized.  Our clients expect us to make accurate predictions on who will win.  Unless you have worked in campaigns on the ground and dealt with walk lists, phone lists, putting up yard signs, walking in parades, writing speeches, and all the other aspects that winning campaigns must deal with you really don't fully understand the quick changing dynamics of a race.  Katie has done that, and her insights will be a huge asset in helping us predict winners with accuracy."    

Monday, March 26, 2012


Rod Jetton has started a campaign analysis service designed to provide political observers with the in-depth information needed to make informed decisions regarding Missouri elections.

JEFFERSON CITY, MO- The Missouri Political Bug, founded by Rod Jetton, is a campaign analysis service covering Missouri House, Senate and statewide campaigns as well as congressional politics, political developments and ballot initiatives in Missouri.  The Missouri Political Bug (MPB) is a non-partisan service; it will neither endorse candidates nor advocate positions on matters of public policy.

Redistricting has dramatically changed the political landscape in Missouri. Recent court challenges have compounded that change and have added to the uncertainty surrounding the new legislative lines. Many state associations, lobbyists, corporate industries, private donors, PAC’s, candidates, and partisan groups want to know how the new districts will affect the 2012 elections.   MPB has begun researching the voting histories of these new districts.  Now that the maps have been finalized and filing has closed they will start district visits, along with candidate interviews, to assess the upcoming elections.  MPB will then issue status reports and predictions based on their analysis of the research.       

Jetton stated, “The goal of MPB will be to provide unbiased and objective information that will help capitol observers reliably predict the winners of House, Senate and statewide campaigns as well as ballot initiatives in Missouri.” He plans to accomplish this by conducting exhaustive research on all Missouri candidates and their campaigns.  This research will cover the key factors that effect political races, including: fundraising activities, press relations, issue stances, grassroots organization and paid media efforts.

Jetton will be available next Friday, March 30th to meet with members of the media and answer questions.

WHO- Missouri Political Bug Publisher- Rod Jetton

WHAT- Press availability

WHEN- March 30, 10:00am

WHERE- SOS Building 600 W. Main St. Jefferson City, Mo 65101

WHY- Answer questions about The Missouri Political Bug, a campaign analysis service