Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Launching The Missouri Times

Here are the details about the expansion of the Missouri Political Bug. We are launching The Missouri Times (TMT), which will be an on-line and print publication offering a level of in-depth coverage never seen before in Missouri politics.  We are printing 15,000 copies of the first issue that will be available for the political crowd attending the inauguration.  We are offering a 40% discount on ad rates for the first issue which will give you a wonderful opportunity to get your service or message in front of state opinion makers. This inaugural issue will preview the upcoming session and include interviews with key leaders and lobbyists as well as guest editorials from past leaders such as Gov. Holden. It will also have a map of Jefferson City and the capitol to help guests navigate around town.  
Deadline for Add Content is Monday Jan 7th. 
This will be a niche publication that caters to the active political class in Missouri. The major value of this publication, aside from its focus on Jefferson City, will be a recognition that its readers already know the basic facts concerning what happened in political news. Our role will be to provide what readers don't know and seem to want-scoops, scooplets, and sassy commentary on the "why" things happen and how actions may affect them.  
My experience as House Speaker, political consultant and player in the state political scene has convinced me that lobbyists, consultants, corporate executives, statewide association members, party activists, political junkies and the capital city cognoscenti all want more information on the inner working of the political and public policy process.
As radio stations, TV outlets and traditional newspapers face declining revenues the number of reporters covering politics in Missouri has continued to dwindle. The few reporters who are left are stretched so thin its hard for them to produce the in-depth and informative content the political class wants. Additionally, many of the remaining news outlets are starting to charge for their content or limit the number of stories readers can access per a month. This has created the perfect opportunity supply these elite audiences with an edgy publication that will aggressively go beyond reporting on the "what" and dig into the "why".
This publication will not be writing stories to inform the general public about the political and public policy process. We will aim our content and behind the scenes reporting to the governing class, which is made up of elected officials, business owners, community leaders and party activists. This is a key group of people that are highly educated and take an active role in leading and informing their town, county and region about the big issues and policies affecting all Missourians.
This publication will embrace new technologies that help distribute the information that our target audience wants when they want it. We will have an easy to use website, and cutting edge smart phone app allowing our readers to quickly find the stories they want to read. We will also use text messages and new email technology to provide them updates and alerts on the issues they want to follow as well as deploying twitter and Facebook so they will be the first to know the details about key events that concern them.
The Missouri Times will be modeled after other successful publications such as Politico. The owners of Politico have proven how a niche political publication that caters to a specific audience can impact the political climate and press coverage of the public policy process.
I have asked for help from a few key professionals who have proven experience in making niche publications and on-line media outlets flourish. Scott Faughn who founded and owns the SEMO Times has successfully started a small weekly newspaper with a big on-line presence and smart phone app. Despite aggressive competition from a major daily newspaper in Poplar Bluff Missouri he was able to survive and turn a profit in only his second year in business. Even more amazingly he started this during the terrible economic downturn of 2008.  
While I am a former republican Speaker and a known conservative this publication will be non-partisan and treat the newsmakers and issues in a very fair and philosophically neutral way. My work analyzing the legislative campaigns with the Missouri Political Bug has shown me that democrats and even liberal special interest groups appreciate impartial and objective opinions when it comes to news and political analysis.
Fortunately, I developed some very strong and lasting friendships with democrats while I was Speaker. Those friendships as well as my connections with republicans, lobbyists, consultants, agency officials and business and community leaders all over Missouri will provide Scott and our reporters with the inside information and leads they need to dig and develop the interesting stories our audience desire.
There is no doubt the opportunity to attract an influential and exclusive audience to the news coverage of the public policy process in Missouri exists. I am also confident that my connections along with Scott's experience starting a newspaper will allow us to provide the kind of stories our readers need to make good decisions.
I'm including information on how you can subscribe to both the Missouri Political Bug and The Missouri Times in this email. The Times will be a free publication we print and distribute in Jefferson City each Monday during session and twice a month when session is out. We will also offer to mail a hardcopy of all 36 issues for $325 that includes a weekly email alerting subscribers to all the interesting developments. Additionally, TMT subscribers will be invited to 4 exclusive events with statewide and national political dignitaries during the year.
The Missouri Political Bug is our premium service which includes in-depth campaign analysis and a weekly political report filled with tidbits of useful information my aggressive reporters have helped me track down. As a Bug subscriber you will be privy to this information before anyone else. You will also have on-line access to our new Missouri Political Almanac that will provide a plethora of useful facts at your fingertips. This includes the background details you need for elected officials, legislative staffers, lobbyists, agency officials, and campaign consultants.
This service is $3,000 in off years and $6,000 in election years. But those who sign a two year contract will save $2,000 and only pay $7,000. For companies and associations who need multiple subscriptions we will offer reduced prices and those searching for specific information may want to explore our concierge service. Another big benefit we are offering to those who subscribe to the Bug before January 31, 2013 will recive 4 free ¼ page adds in the Missouri Times. This will be a great way for lobbyists to find new clients, consultants to find new candidates, legislators to reach key leaders and associations to identify new members.
 Rod Jetton
Missouri Political Bug L.L.C.

PS- These attachments include  2013 Bug and TMT subscriber information. I believe you will want to subscribe to these services and get this information before the general public. Contact me about advertising in the first issue by Jan 7th. 

TMT Rate Card
Full Page $950
Half Page $550
Quarter Page $325 
Eighth Page $190 
Website Banner $95
Website Block $45
4,000 Copies Each Week
In the Hands of Missouri’s Opinion Makers

Bug Subscriber Benefits

Monday Morning “Game Plan” email – Get the news before it is news. This will be full of tidbits and inside
information we pick up on all the behind the scenes wheeling and dealing. Find out what will be happening in
politics in the upcoming week ahead and how last week’s actions impacted the key players.

Quarterly Fundraising Analysis - Stay up to date on whose giving and who is receiving contributions. Find out
how those contributions will impact the process and which candidates will be propelled into higher office.
Special Election Reports- Our comprehensive reports will ensure you know the candidates, the districts and who
will win any special elections in 2013.

Breaking News Texts and Emails – Be the first to get time sensitive updates on legislative actions, back room
deals, campaigns activities and press rumblings. Timely information can make or break decision makers, and
The Missouri Times and Missouri Political Bug will be the best source for keeping you in the know.

Access to Missouri Political Almanac – The Bug will provide the only source for bios and background
information on all elected officials, their districts and staffs, plus lobbyists, campaign consultants, key state
employees and top party leaders in Missouri. You will be able to quickly look up facts and information to help
you navigate the political and public policy process.

All the benefits above will be provided in 2014 plus:

After Filing Report - Find out who is running for office and where the flash points will most likely be. Be the
first to know how the 2014 legislative races will start out.

Baseline reports on all races - Be the first to see how the competitive races are shaping up and who will have
the upper hand going into the August primaries.

Primary Election Tip Sheet – Get objective predictions on who will win the primaries from the most reliable
source in Missouri politics. This information will let you know where your support can make the most impact.

General Election Tip Sheet – Find out how the general elections are shaping up as they head into the final 30
days. Our picks will help you cut through all the capitol rumors and campaign spin.

After General Election Recap - Get the details on why the winners won and what it means for 2015. Find out
who is in position to move into leadership, the senate, or run statewide in 2016.

Pricing Details

2013 Off Year- $3,000* 2014 Election Year - $6,000* SPECIAL: Entire Election Cycle $7,000*

Legislators, Former Legislators, Candidates, Local Elected officials and Party Committee members call for
special pricing discounts. 

Extra licenses will be given to the same company at reduced prices:
2-3 - $1,400 extra per a year - 4-6 - $700 extra per a year - 7+ - $300 per a year

All Political Bug Subscribers Receive a FREE Print Subscription to The Missouri Times

* 10% discount for annual payment


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