Thursday, September 20, 2012

New House Candidate Fundraising

 It's interesting that the top new democrat candidates have out raised the top new republican candidates. It has been a long time since any group of democrats have out raised a group of republicans. If they can work together as a team it will be a good sign for the democrats in 2014/16, but team and politics are a big "if". Looking at the top fundraisers in the incoming class is a very good way to identify future leaders. It seems that the skills necessary to raise money many times lead to success in caucus politics.

Top Democrat New Candidates
                                                                       Total Raised           
  1. John      Wright                   D         $167,434.20
  2. Will         Talbert                 D          $83,938.17
  3. Ken        Jacob                  D          $82,315.86- former senator
  4. Jeff        Roorda                 D          $75,725.36- former rep.
  5. Deb        Lavender             D          $50,463.56
  6. Keith     English                  D          $39,858.19
  7. Jeremy LaFaver                 D          $35,847.65
  8. Tom       Todd                   D          $33,372.63 –former rep.
  9. Rebecca McClanahan       D          $33,064.00 –former rep.
  10. Holmes   Osborne             D          $31,294.02
  11. Vicki       Englund             D           $29,315.94- former rep.
  12. Michael  Frame                D           $28,142.12- former rep.
                TOTAL                                  $607,317

Top Republican New Candidates
                                                                       Total Raised
  1. Kevin     Engler                  R         $140,562.50-former senator           
  2. Rocky    Miller                   R          $77,798.51              
  3. Holly      Rehder                 R          $58,032.59              
  4. Delus     Johnson                R          $44,995.00             
  5. Derrick  Good                    R          $40,187.50 –former rep.   
  6. Lynn      Morris                  R          $37,766.00              
  7. Donna   Pfautsch                R          $33,631.60             
  8. Ken        Wilson                 R          $32,047.89              
  9. Glen      Kolkmeyer            R          $29,984.34             
  10. Elijah     Haahr                   R          $28,157.00              
  11. Elaine    Gannon                 R          $25,765.60              
TOTAL                                      $591,006    

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