Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bonnie Linhardt Receives Her United States Capitol Print

Bonnie Linhardt receiving her US Capitol print from Rod Jetton

She picked 8 out of 11 Missouri primary elections correctly and was
given the title of “Missouri Oracle” by the Missouri Political Bug.

JEFFERSON CITY, MO- Bonnie Linhardt entered and won the Political Pick’em primary contest in August.  She correctly picked 8 out of 11 Democrat and Republican hotly contested primaries.  Bug founder Rod Jetton added, “Bonnie did a great job picking the winners.  Clearly she keeps up with what is going on in campaigns across Missouri.  We had over 50 entries in the contest and Shawn Bell, Vinnie Clubb, Levi Mitchell, and Sally Nance all picked 7 winners, but Bonnie bested them by choosing Akin in the Republican US Senate primary.”

Jetton asked Bonnie how she knew Akin would win and she responded, “His ground game was better.  I really think the grassroots wins campaigns and I kept getting reports about his ground game all over southern Missouri so I just felt he would win it.”     

The contest included 3 statewide or congressional races, 4 State Senate races and 4 State House races. When asked how she did so well Bonnie stated, “Working for Rep. Korman here at the Capitol allows me to talk to folks from all over the state.  Also I look at which campaigns have the best ground game.  Usually they are the ones that win and when I asked people about the 11 races in the contest it was easy to tell who was working the hardest.” 

Bonnie has been working for Rep. Korman since he was elected in 2011.  Before that she spent a year in Rep. Emery’s office and prior to the legislative service she was a lobbyist for the American Heart Association.  Jetton added, “I first met Bonnie working for the American Heart Association when she joined me on the “Speakers Fitness Challenge” in 2005.  We rode our bikes across the state on the Katy trail to promote fitness.  I very much enjoyed getting to know her but I had no idea she was such a good political prognosticator.”

Jetton announced an upcoming “Missouri Oracle” contest for the general election. It will also be posted on Facebook and anyone is eligible to make their predictions.  It will include the US Senate race, Lt. Gov. race, SOS race, State Senate districts 1, 3 and 25 as well as House districts 15, 20, 44, 70, 90, 94, 115, 132, and 150.

Jetton recently presented Bonnie with a very nice print of the US Capitol that is suitable for framing, but Bonnie added, “I love the print and appreciate it but winning the contest gives me fun bragging rights here in the Capitol.”  When asked if she had any advice for the general elections she said, “I’m keeping my intel for my picks!”

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